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What is Cultions?

Cultions was born from the need to create an ecosystem that unites episodes from the physical world (artist-artwork-gallery) and digital world (NAP), in relations with art.

About the project

Connect with your audience through the artwork's message.

NAPs present you with a current format. You can share your art, your creative process, the meaning behind it, your ideas and your vision.
( For artists )

Attract new art lovers to your exhibitions and sell more.

We help you extend the connection between art and people through your exhibitions and events.
( For Gallerys )

Discover all that lies behind the artwork

Owning a NAP gives you the opportunity to connect with both the artwork and the artist in a new, meaningful way. We want to foster a continuous, valuable dialogue between artists, professionals, experts, and the public.
( For Art Lovers )

The new way to engage with art.


The “behind the scenes” of art.
Capturing the entire creative process of an artwork, and packaging it into an NFT.

Evolutive NAPs

Bringing art to life with blockchain technology

The life evolution of the artwork, from the simplest sketch to almost the final result.

Our Cultions community


The community has a public section, where you will find interesting content relating to the art and artists which most interest you.


For the gallerist and artist, NAPs offer new sales promotional potential. Fans, collectors, and art lovers will be invited to the NAPs launch to visit the exhibitions in the galleries..

Private zone

Find out about exclusive events with the artist, as well as private tours of the gallery exhibition, pre-launches, webinars, visits to artist studios, and more.

NAPs: the new way to engage with art

In our community, you will be the first to see new exhibitions to monitor and evolve your artists.

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