¿El sonido se puede ver? – NAP 6

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Physical Artwork name:¿El sonido se puede ver?
Price (not sold on Cultions):2000 €
Size:1200 x 700 cm
Description:Influenced by his series of paintings "The sound of the cells", in which the pictorial expression of sound is the protagonist. The zebra motifs are once again relevant but now exempt from the drama in their more aesthetic aspect. In this work, Vicente transfers this monograph to the street, on a “muted” zebra crossing, as if it were a footstep by the artist, the contact of his foot with him. His footprint.
Exhibiton name:Mural visit
Location:Cases de Bàrcena
Date&Time:June 20th
Info Link:
Description:Private visit to the artist studio

Vicente Marzal

Vicente Marzal Escobar, Valencian painter, and sculptor, deaf from birth with I.C. (Cochlear Implant) and active member of AICCV (Association of Cochlear Implant Patients of the Valencian Community) have held numerous international exhibitions and for prestigious entities with a successful public reception.

After his first exhibition (with a reception and significant local media impact), in his hometown, in 2015 and at only 24 years old, Marzal was clear that he wanted to travel, wanted to continue training and he wanted to change his residence to, the one he considers his dream city, New York. Thus, in 2016 he settled in Brooklyn and began his international journey.

Little by little and, once again, without his hearing or language deficiency being any barrier for him, he found his place in the Big Apple, soaking up and learning about the art that permeates its streets, while he was getting to know personalities from his field.

However, his first international exhibition was in Belgium in February of last year, in the restaurant of chef Arabelle Meirlaen, holder of 2 Michelin stars. A success of attendance and sales, where, among others, the well-known Belgian minister Christophe Lacroix attended, who acquired two works by Marzal and recommended attendance at a said exhibition in the Belgian press, quoting verbatim, "...of this young artist, full of talent and feeling”.

A few months later, in October 2017, the fruit of his effort in the "Big Apple" would be recognized in the form of a 5-month exhibition at the newly opened Grace Room Mate Hotel in Manhattan, where he shows 5 pictorial works, with the that represents his essence but shows a more avant-garde and cosmopolitan Marzal. In addition to a large number of people, art experts, and gallery owners attended this exhibition, which highlighted the artist's technique and ingenuity. All this in a modern and innovative environment caused a great impact on the attendees. However, and once again, what both the public and artistic personalities are captivated by is the history that each of his works has, stories of overcoming, of struggle, of optimism, of perseverance... that identify the spirit of AICE (Associations of Cochlear Implantation Patients of Spain).

Finally, for the moment and certain of the success that Vicente Marzal will continue to reap, last November he opened an exhibition at the prestigious Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York. In it, he has exhibited 3 works, of very different styles, one of them dedicated to his cochlear implant and his connection to life. Once again with a notorious influx of public and well-known people from the world of art and entertainment, including gallery owners, staff from the Spanish embassy in New York, and American leaders of the United Nations. They all fell in love with both the works and the young Valencian painter.