Luis Lonjedo

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Luis Lonjedo began painting at the age of seventeen. He studied Fine Arts and, in 1997, began working as a teacher until 2017, when he began to rely exclusively on painting. He thinks that, when talking about painting, "you have to believe more in tradition", to fight against that "absence of technique" that, according to him, soaks up the teaching. Among his influences, the photography of Cartier-Bresson stands out, for "how he finds poetics in everyday life"; "the mark of the passage of time and the sensation of movement and life" in the paintings of Antonio López, who is, precisely, what he himself seeks to achieve; “the play of light and simplification” in the works of Edward Hopper (where, by the way, the similarities with the series From My Window are evident); and “the aggressiveness and the ability to 'dirty' in the paintings of Santiago Ydañez”.