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The Project

We are great defenders of physical art, but we know that today without the help of tools and the digital environment, the passion for art will be harmed by not reaching a new audience that is only digital and not attracted to physical art.

Why did we start Cultions?

Cultions was born from the need to create an ecosystem that unites episodes from the physical world (artist-artwork-gallery) and digital world (NAP-NFT), in relation to art. A digital solution for democratizing art, Cultions is a singular and unique format that opens new untapped possibilities.

We celebrate and expand our connection with art in the physical world by extending it into the digital realm.

Cultions: Circle and parentheses

Circle, represents the Cultions community, a place where art lovers can, through NAPs, connect with artists, galleries, experts, collectors,…

Parenthesis, there is nothing inside but everything fits, as a container of knowledge, information, experiences,… of the stories that accompany the life of the artworks.



New experiences

Reach the public through a new medium: share your artistic process on a digital platform and create new experiences to introduce them to your work and allow the public to connect with you as an artist. NAPs can take any digital format: audio, video, image, 3D, IA, AR, and more.

Extra benefits

  • Allow the viewer to explore the journey and evolution of your artwork as well as the message behind it.
  • Ensure your creations have a life beyond the physical realm and reach broader audiences.
  • Create a unique way for people to connect with your art and for you to connect with them in turn.
  • Benefit from a new opportunity to earn money from your work.
  • You will receive commission from each NAP transaction, both on the first sale and all successive sales. If artists decide to partner with their galleries for the NAP project, commission will be shared.
  • Generate a community around your artworks. Enjoy the support of your followers in a more consistent and fluid way.
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