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Cultions is a community that appreciates the understanding of physical artworks – the inspiration behind them, their history, and the emotions they stir.

Together, we discover a new vision, the secrets, and the stories of each artwork, delving into its cultural and artistic importance. By joining, you will have access to participate and consult information on everything you did not know about the artworks and artists.

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Cultions for…

Artist & Galleries

Share the artworks you create or exhibit in your gallery through your profile to interact with the community. Receive feedback and start conversations about your artworks, increase your visibility, understand how your work impacts others and generates interest.


Museums, foundations, and artist families can showcase their collections, reach a broader audience, and attract visitors who admire physical artworks. Engage in meaningful discussions within the arts community to improve visibility and connect with art lovers who are interested in artists and artworks.


Explore and discover artworks in private collections that you may not have known about. Connect through the community if you are interested in studying, researching, or verifying artworks by artists. Give more visibility to your knowledge, let them know you more through artworks and make it possible for them to contact you if you are an expert in an artist.

Art Lovers

Explore and connect your favorite artworks with a community of art lovers and professionals. Create your own collections and discover what the community thinks about the artworks you have or like. Share your thoughts and feelings about artworks with people with artistic knowledge and sensitivity. Make sure artists can reconnect with their artworks through you.

Show your artworks or your art collection

Give more visibility to the artworks you create as a artist, that you exhibit as a Gallery, that you are attracted as a Art Lover to and also those that you own as a Collector by uploading them to Cultions. Show them publicly or privately, anonymously or known, and see the community’s reaction. Interact with other art lovers, provide your opinion on the artworks that are shared and position yourself within the community with a more visible profile in the art world.

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Express your Emotions

Give your opinion, reflect, transmit your emotion, and build your artistic profile in an open community that wants to hear what artworks impact you. Help ensure that admiring art does not end in silence, share with others with the same tastes and interests as you.

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Connect with the Community

Through the community, you will learn about new artworks by artists, galleries, museums, and foundations, as well as legacies of past artists, experts, and recognized authorities, collectors, and art lovers. You will be able to connect and contact to meet those who have knowledge or information on the topics that interest you. You will have within reach everything you have not found because there are no meeting points on specific artists or topics.

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We Use Blockchain Technology

We securely store information to ensure it is immutable, transparent, accessible, and decentralized.

Create the Digital Record of your Artwork

Connect your artwork with a private, easily accessible digital record. By preserving a secure and durable digital document on the Blockchain, you can easily have and display the artwork you own. Through the digital registry, you will be able to inform the community, anonymously or nominatively, that you are the owner of the physical artwork. Leave a record of what you have, for what could happen…

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Featuring artists displayed in iconic global museums.

Join a United Community and discover and help tell the stories that lie behind the world’s great artworks.